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What types of programs are offered?
To address the digital divid, Elevate Miami currently offers offers a free computer course for seniors (ages 55 and up). The classes are located at City of Miami eSenior facilities designed specifically for seniors of all experience levels.

Is there a cost to participate?
There is no cost to participate. The open lab hours and formal training programs are provided at no cost to the community.

How do I sign up?
If you would like to participate in the program all you need to do is look at the schedule and find the most convenient location for you. See our eSeniors facilities for class times and locations.

What locations provide the computer classes?
We offer open lab hours and free computer classes at a variety of eParks and senior citizen locations throughout the City of Miami. Click here for more information.

Is there transportation provided to the learning centers?
No, transportation is not available to our technology learning centers or ePark facilities at this time.

Are there programs available for school children?
Each of the ePark locations provides access to computers/Internet for children enrolled in the parks' After-School program (where available). Click here for information on the City of Miami Parks and Recreation Department.

How do I donate computer equipment to assist the Elevate Miami project?
If you or your organization is interested in donating computer equipment, please send an email to to inquire about the donation process.

How can I become a program partner?
To become a program partner or for additional information, send an email to or call 305-416-1538.